Jindo breed

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The Jindo Kai

The Jindo, a medium sized breed, is a native of Jindo Island, Korea.

Jindo Island is situated off the south-West coast of South Korea.

The Jindo has been used in hunting for centuries and the purity of the breed remained intact due to the preservation and protection provided by the Jindo Island authorities.

On May 3rd 1938 the Jindo was designated as “National Monument number 53”, under The National Monument Protection Act of Korea

As a breed the Jindo almost died out during the Korean War and by February 1952 was on the verge of extinction. At about that time President Lee Seung Man visited Jindo Island with a view to constructing a new military training camp. Whilst there he heard of the diminishing number of Jindo Dogs and ordered that a strong effort should be made to protect them. He gave the island authorities a subsidy of 5 million Won to be administered by the Office of Education to assist in re-establishing the breed.

The protection of the breed has continued until present day. In November 1999, the Jindo Dog Research Institute was set up.

This is a breeding and research centre dedicated to the continuation of purity and general preservation of the Jindo as a breed.

At present the Jindo is registered on the Kennel Club Import Register and approved by the FCI.

The first Jindo was imported into the UK in 2002.

The dogs were sent by the Jindo Island Breeding Centre with the intention of establishing this rare breed outside Jindo Island.

These Jindo’s were the first ones to be officially sent out from the Island to anywhere in the world.

It was, and still is, imperative to the Breeding Centre authorities, that the dogs sent out should be pure bred.

In order to import a Jindo, and register it with the English Kennel Club, the pedigree must have been stamped by the Jindo Magistrate to guarantee its purity.

Any pure bred Jindo can be traced back to Jindo island and his exported ancestor has the stamped pedigree by the Jindo Magistrate.

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